Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Due to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have a duty to inform all users of our gathering of personal data from the users of our site.

This policy contains information about which data we gather, and how they are stored and treated.

Hawk Robotics, by the CEO, is responsible for the way our company treats and stores personal data.

On this website, personal data is gathered through the following:

  • Google Analytics (analysis and statistics)
  • Google Maps (location data)
  • Youtube/Vimeo (visit data, playback data)
  • Contact form (name, e-mail, phone number)

What is a «cookie»?

A cookie is a technology used by most websites. It is a small text file that is stored on your unit, and can contain different information about your use of the website. I.e. it can remember your login session, which settings you have activated on our website, which links you click on our website, which pages you have visited and so on.

Analysis and statistics

Google Analytics is a tool to analyze the traffic on our website, delivered by Google Inc (”Google”). The tool uses cookies to analyze how the user uses our website. This information is stored on Google’s servers in the USA.

Google uses this data to generate rapports, and use those to assess the use of our website. This information can be shared with third parties if demanded by law, or in cases where third parties treat data on Google’s behalf.

All IP addresses we gather through Google Analytics are anonymized, and can not be traced back to the user.

Read more about how Google treats their user data here.

The company Sydvest AS has access to our Google Analytics data through hosting and development of our website.

Location data

Our website uses Google Maps to display our location. Google Maps may gather information about the user, i.e. their location and IP address.

Data gathered by Google Maps are stored on Google’s servers in the USA, and we do not have access to these.

Read more about how Google treats their user data here.

Video playback

We use Youtube/Vimeo to play video on our website. They gather information about the user, i.e. their IP-adress, which browser you use, technical information about your unit and what time you visit our site.

Data gathered by Youtube/Vimeo are stored on Google/Vimeo’s servers in the USA, and we do not have access to these.

Read more about how Vimeo treats their user data here.

Read more about how Youtube treats their user data here.

Contact form

Our contact form gathers name, e-mail and phone number from the user who fills in and submits the form. This information is sent directly by e-mail to the recipient, and is not stored on our server.

Language selection

By choosing language, a cookie will be stored on your unit. This cookie remembers which language you have chosen, and will then choose that language as the default language the next time you visit our site with that unit.

In general

The companies Sydvest AS, Axenta AS and Webhuset AS have access to personal data stored on our servers through hosting, development and maintenance of our website.

The personal data which is stored on our webserver is covered by the same security measures as the rest of our website.

If you have any questions, or you wish to see what personal data we have stored about you, wish to edit and/or delete data about you, please contact:

Håkon Risanger

CEO, Founder Hawk Robotics

+47 472 92 947[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]